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Taylor Swift takes a step back from the spotlight after awards

For the past five months, Taylor Swift has been everywhere. From the VMAs to the CMAs to the Grammys, she seems to have performed on every awards show — and come home with an armful of trophies.

Tabloids have chronicled her every casual date. Now, with Sunday's top-album win for Fearless and three other Grammys, Swift's handlers are concerned that the young singer could be overexposed.

Heading to Australia for a tour that starts Thursday might help.

"The Australian dates had been planned all along, but it actually worked out great," says Scott Borchetta, who runs Big Machine Records, Swift's label.

"The next time you see her will likely be on the ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards show" in April, Borchetta says. "During that time, we're going to have a new video, but as far as the talking head of Taylor Swift, that one's gone into hiding for a little bit, at least on this continent."

Avoiding overexposure isn't the only issue the 20-year-old faces. Critics have panned her recent live TV performances as pitchy. The Grammy duet with Stevie Nicks was no exception. "Now, everybody knows that Taylor Swift can't sing," influential blogger Bob Lefsetz wrote after the performance.

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