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Girls Aloud star paid a visit to the Radio 1 studios wearing a pair of sheer pop socks that would be more apt for pensioner than a 24-year-old lady.

However, though they may be more suited to a more mature clientele, the socks are being worn more and more about town by trendsetters.

Nicola matched her knee-highs with a vintage black dress, a Fifities-style leather jacket, strappy high heels and black handbag.

It's not the first time she has indulged in her quirky fashion sense, in fact it has become something of a habit for the pop star.

Last October she wore a garish tweed suit that matched her red hair colouring to the Mayfair Hotel in London.

While, at London Fashion Week the previous month, she sported a see through top with floral print covering her modesty and velvet trousers.

In November she wore a mint green velvet trouser suit to the Make-A-Wish winter ball at the Dorchester Hotel, again an outfit that would be more suited to somebody far older. Seriously now?

The singer visited Radio 1 for an appearance on Sunday night show The Surgery with Aled.

She spoke about her documentary The Truth About Tanning, due to air on BBC3 on Thursday.

She told presenter Aled Jones: 'Around nine months ago I became aware of how society had become so driven by the way everybody looked, and the better you look, the better you do in life - this whole metality we have now is based solely on the way you look.

'I wanted to highlight that. I think that people nowadays feel so much pressure to just look good...and it's just too much, it's too much pressure on people.

'The way I used to feel, I was very, kind of, not obsessed, but I definitely wanted to look better and having a tan made me feel better.'

To accompany the forthcoming show, Nicola had her face digitally altered to show how she would look with the skin damage resulting from overusing a tanning bed.

She also explained how she hated standing out from the rest of Girls Aloud, in an interview with Heat magazine.

She recalled: 'I hated it with a passion. I felt like I stood out for all the wrong reasons. Everyone said, “You look so much better,” but when I saw it played back, all I thought was, "I look ugly".'

'I would get in from a PA at midnight and we’d have GMTV early in the morning, but instead of going to bed straight away I’d be in the shower applying fake tan. I’d be crying because I was so tired, but I’d be saying to myself, “No pain, no gain.” I honestly thought that by having a tan the next day I would look better and people would like me more.'

She added: 'I’ve learned to like who I am now. So many people hate the way they look. I remember how sad I used to feel and I think it’s horrible that young girls think the same way, and that they have to be tanned to look nice.'

Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts backs under-18 sunbed ban

A Welsh MP's bid to ban under-18s using tanning salons following two high-profile burning incidents in south Wales has received support from the government and a celebrity.

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts put her weight behind Cardiff North MP Julie Morgan's private members bill.

The red-headed star said that pressure on young women in working-class areas meant many disregarded health advice and used sunbeds despite the risks. She said that legislation was particularly needed to stop children using unstaffed tanning salons.

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