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A new reality show produced by television channel NatGeo, will show celebrity contestants visiting some of Colombia's most famous landmarks and tourist hotspots.

The show, called "The Experience of a Lifetime," involves television stars from all over South America visiting and completing tasks in locations around the continent, then publishing their thoughts on what they have seen on internet blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other online social networks.

In the Colombian leg of the journey participants had the opportunity to visit some of the country's most spectacular locations. Stars were invited to dine in Bogota's most traditional restaurants, dance in Cartagena's clubs and take in the famous natural beauty of the Zona Cafetera.

One of the show's participants, Brazilian actress Hada Luz Angel, was so impressed by what she had seen in the country that she decided to move to Colombia once filming was over.

The first episode of "The Experience of a Lifetime" will air on February 9 on NatGeo.

Tags: reality show

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