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“The Princess & The Frog” Finally Breaks $100 Million After 10 Weeks (Uh-Oh?)

So, after all that hoopla about this being Disney’s first animated feature with a black princess, and after about 2 1/2 months in release, Disney’s Princess and the Frog finally limped across the $100 million mark over the weekend, mustering up an additional $800,000. It’s domestic box office take now stands at $100,309,000, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

Surprised? I’d like to believe hopes were high for this one, and that the folks at Disney aren’t too pleased with the results. 10 weeks to reach $100 million? And just barely making it over the number?

I think it’s safe to suggest that it’s not going to make much more than what it’s made thus far – maybe it’ll cap out somewhere between $105 million & $110 million. For a film of its ilk, that’s just not very impressive, especially at a production budget (not including marketing) that’s stated at around $105 million.

Compared to other high-profile Disney animated feature releases, this one currently ranks 24th, far behind other Disney animated “Princess-type” features like Beauty & The Beast ($267 Million), Pocahontas ($198 million), & The Little Mermaid ($191 million) – all adjusted for inflation, by the way.

The film enjoyed an 83% fresh rating via RottenTomatoes.com, so there was certainly enough critical acclaim and buzz behind it.

I certainly hope that Disney doesn’t use this as a reason to avoid producing animated features with black characters in abundance, in primary roles.

I know that box office receipts shouldn’t be the sole measure of a films worth nor success; but, unfortunately, in this industry, it’s of significant importance.

Overall thoughts on all this? Did any of you even see it? I didn’t, but Sergio did. Read his positive review HERE.


White ppl why couldn't you do this one thing for me? Now there'll never be a crappy sequel in which Tiana and Naveen finally get a duet.
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