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scavenger of human misery

The real lives of footballer wives (and girlfriends)

Don't envy the WAGs - I've seen inside their world and it's shallow, lonely and miserable
By Alison Kervin

I got to know a number of WAGs because over the past few years I've been researching their world for a series of novels about their antics, and attempting to find out what their lives are really like away from the headlines and all those parties that they appear to attend with such gusto.

The innate sadness and loneliness of these women is a far cry from the 'get dressed in designer labels, drink gallons of champagne and party all night' view of the WAGs to which we've grown accustomed.

If he doesn't come back here and find me perfect and the house perfect, one day he won't come back at all.'Collapse )


ONTD, would you ever want to become a WAG? Would you give up your normal life to have an unlimited bank account and more clothes than you know what to do with, even if it meant a life of loneliness and not being able to trust your boyfriend/husband or your fellow WAGs?
Tags: british celebrities, sports / athletes

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