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Stream: Radiohead’s Haiti concert

If you’re like me, and neither live in the Los Angeles area nor had a half-thousand dollars to spend last week, you also missed out on what would clearly have been the greatest show of your life. That show of course being Radiohead’s intimate Haiti benefit show at the Henry Fonda Theatre last Sunday, for which tickets were auctioned online.

However, the Internet is a beautiful thing, and thanks to it moments like this can be preserved forever in decent-quality audio on our hard drives.
Web in Front is hosting a podcast of the 24-song one-off performance, which you can stream there or download.

It’s definitely worth a listen for poor Radiohead fans like you and me, especially if you haven’t heard the new song “Lotus Flower” yet. If you’re one of the lucky few who were there, getting the mp3 is a no-brainer.

You can access the stream here.


Peter Gabriel hails 'brilliant' Radiohead

Peter Gabriel has hailed Radiohead for their willingness to experiment.

The former Genesis frontman has performed the band's 'Street Spirit (Fade Out)' for his upcoming covers album Scratch My Back, while Radiohead have recorded Gabriel's 'Wallflower' in return.

Gabriel told The Queitus: "Radiohead have been one of my favorite bands for a long time - they're brilliant and bold in their composition, experimentation and always seem drawn to new challenges."

Of his cover of their 1995 track, he added: "John messed around with some of the chords at the end and I couldn't get the original melody to work, so what you hear is an improvised solution to that problem.

"It felt to me that there was a reconciliation and sense of acceptance in that last line of lyric 'immerse yourself in love' that takes the song out of despair. A great and natural end."


Liars Impressed by Radiohead's Eco Credentials

Rock'n'roll may well be characterised by inter-band rivalries, but Liars and Radiohead have become something of a mutual admiration society of late.
Sonic terrorists Liars have been moved to speak in glowing terms of Radiohead's efforts to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible while touring after they supported the Oxford quintet in 2008 .

Returning the favour,
Radiohead's Thom Yorke has added a new dimension to an upcoming remixed version of Liars' upcoming new album, 'Sisterworld.'

"It was certainly amazing to see a band put together a tour that was completely earth conscious. You couldn't have had these plastic cups here," Liars frontman Angus Andrew told BBC 6 Music. "That's just not allowed.
There were no plastic water bottles, they gave you a nice one that had screen printing on it and you carried that around with you the whole time.

He continued:
"It's quite out of control what other touring acts actually take with them on the road with them.

"So it's not silly or superficial, or something to show off with when you really try to make a difference there. A lot of trucks and a lot of gear just ends up making a big mess."

Liars new album, 'Sisterworld', is released on Mar. 8.


...Because stuffing it into one post won't agitate the haters (as much).
btw, Radiohead has a VERIFIED twitter...it's REAL! brb activating my account.
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