Paging Diego Luna: Gael Garcia Bernal is [rumored to be] a free man

Gael García Bernal not only separated from Dolores Fonzi and locked in a standoff with Argentine actress for custody of her young son Lazarus, but now he is asking for a DNA test on the child because he has doubts about his paternity.

Sources close to the Mexican actor Garcia Bernal say is very sad because the relationship with Fonzi did not progress, because after two years of cohabitation seems that love is over. Press reports that Argentine Fonzi returned to her native Argentina with son Lazarus and the little that there was no chance of returning to Europe to resume her life with the actor.

A separation rumors were added reports that the two artists could start legal proceedings for custody of his son Lazarus. However, it is now said on good authority that the actor has asked Fonzi DNA testing of his son, because he doubted whether the father.

According to comments from a celebrity magazine, Argentine actress may have had other relationships at the time she became pregnant. In fact, it was mentioned that Luis Ortega, son of singer Palito Ortega, one of the boyfriends who frequented Fonzi that time [LOL, it's a bad translation but I'm not fixing it because it's hilarious]. He added that Garcia Bernal was aware of that fact, but believed the word of the actress who had indicated that he was the father of the child in her womb.

Now it remains to be seen what will happen, because little Lazarus might be in the midst of great controversy.

Source: TVyNovelas (as translated by google)

How much longer until this is Gael?