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Michael Jackson's Kids Will Record "We Are the World"

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From the blog by Rob Shuter:

"Following their appearance at the Grammy Awards, sources tell me Michael Jackson's two oldest children -- Prince Michael and Paris -- want to be included in Monday's re-recording of 'We Are The World,' the proceeds of which will benefit Haiti. 'Prince Michael and Paris know that helping others was as important to their daddy as music. That is why they really want to be part of the re-recording of this extraordinary song,' a friend of Michael's tells me.

"It's still unclear if their voices will be blended in with the chorus of celebrities or if they will make get to sing a solo line or two. I, for one, can't think of any singer alive that would be more powerful than Prince Michael or little Paris singing the lyrics their daddy wrote twenty five years ago."


I guess they were for real with the whole "we will continue to help the world like our dad" thing, huh. XD Good on 'em.

Oh, and in case anyone missed the kids' Grammy appearance,
click here to see it. (Sorry, the embed doesn't wanna work for some reason.)
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