Bella Thorne talks about being the new Teenie on Big Love

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Big Love fans may have noticed the absence of Barb and Bill Henrickson's third daughter, Tancy, "Teenie" toward the end of last season and the beginning of this season. As of the last episode of Big Love, Teenie is back. Her disappearance on the show was explained as her being away at camp. You may have noticed something seemed different about Teenie. The character of Teenie has been replaced by actress, model, and dancer Bella Thorne. Teenie has reportedly been recast because the actress originally playing her (Jolean Wejebe) became too mature-looking for the role. Bella has several years' experience in the entertainment business and been seen on the Disney channel, over 40 commercials, and as a model for Guess.

Teenie's storyline this season involves her own religious beliefs and her desire to make friends. You're a model and a successful actress: how do you relate to the very awkward and confused Teenie?

Bella: Well, when I met with producers on the role, they told me to just make the character my own and not to try and match the other actress. Taking on this role was challenging because my family is obsessed with this show and love all the characters--as much as any other TV viewer and maybe more! I was really nervous about taking the role over from Jolean [original actress playing Teenie] because she is amazing and my family has watched her grow up on this show. I originally thought I was going to play a different character, so when I found out I was going to be the new Teenie, it was awkward and confusing yet very exciting. The hair and makeup team at Big Love is so talented and they gave me a completely different look, which was different from the way I am used to seeing myself and that gave me a little something else to work with. I was able to see myself differently and work with that. So with the awkwardness of taking over a beloved role and my new look, I was able to relate to Teenie in a different way. As for the religious aspect, I go to church almost every Sunday. I relate to all religions, however, so I have my own religious beliefs. My beliefs may not be the same as other people in my church or even in my family, which is exactly what Teenie is going through. I also moved from another state and had to start over, which helps me relate to Teenie and her transformation.

Big Love is known for its intrigue and secrets. How much do the actors know in advance about the developing plots? What can we look forward to on Big Love?

Bella: We get the scripts weekly and there are always changes, so we pretty much only know the episode that we are shooting. Plus, Big Love producers keep a very close eye on those scripts! This season is shorter than the rest, so there is a lot of ground to cover. The wives are changing and deciding where they stand on Bill's political campaign. Everyone is growing in different ways this season, including Teenie! Cara Lynn is an awesome character and will have her own struggles. The bond that she has with Nikki will be shown in a great way. Obviously, there is the kissing issue to deal with between Ben and Margene.* Sarah has her own beliefs about the family, and they will be further explored. Amanda [Seyfried] is one of the most amazing and kind actresses that I have ever known. She really acted like the bigger sister to me on that set and helped make filming easier. As for Teenie, she will really start to grow into the story this season in a bigger way; I just hope that the fans enjoy the ride with me! I've been completely blessed and am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with the actors, writers, director, and producers of Big Love. They are beyond talented and gracious.

Oh, Teenie 1.0, we hardly knew ye.
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