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Taylor Lautner has had ENOUGH of dating girls.

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Teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner wants to date someone who can just be themselves.

Twilight star Taylor Lautner — who split from singer Taylor Swift — has had enough of dating girls who are preoccupied with themselves and instead is opting for the single life for a while.

“I just want someone who can be themselves. Not put on a show,” said Taylor. “It is as simple as that. I’m not dating anyone right now.”

Following Lautner’s split from Swift, it was claimed the two Taylors decided to call time their short-lived, highly-publicized romance after a series of fights over food.

“Unlike Lautner, Swift is anti-diet. Her favorite restaurant is the Cracker Barrel near her family’s Henderson, Tenn., home,” a source said in December.

“Her favorite dish is their biscuits and gravy — something Lautner wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole!

“Lautner is very athletic and health-conscious, so he eats mostly low-fat protein like skinless chicken breasts, egg whites and vegetables and fruits.

“But Swift loves cheeseburgers and has a major sweet tooth.

“Picking restaurants for date nights has turned into a huge headache and always leads to a squabble.

“The only food option they can agree on is sushi.”

Source: HERE.
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