Macaulay Culkin may join Big Love; I may start watching Big Love.

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Macaulay Culkin is rumoured to be joining the cast of HBO series Big Love.

The former Home Alone star has reportedly been spotted on the set of the show visiting with cast member Chloe Sevigny and co-creator Will Scheffer.

Scheffer told TV Guide that he and the programme's other producers are "interested" in writing a role for Culkin.

"He watches the show and we can see him fitting into either the compound or the Mormon world," he said.

Scheffer added that Culkin would be "an interesting person to add to that mix".

Culkin, 29, apparently shares the same agent as Big Love actress Sissy Spacek.

Big Love star Bill Paxton has said that the actor would "make a great young evangelist" on the show.


This is oddly fitting, since my biggest fantasy is for Mac to become a polygamist and marry both me AND Mila Kunis.

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