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mods i hope you accept this i thought it was really cool!

Although this isn’t a celeb post, I thought this was really cool and AWESOME of ONTD so hopefully the mods put this through. During the telethon for Haiti, I thought it would be really cool to figure out how much ONTD has donated (in general not just for the telethon), or an approximation, so I asked people to comment with their donations. So far, ONTD has donated.......


which equals
$3,767,850.56 HAITIAN GOURDES!!!!!

which according to unicef, we have provided:
13,759,072 water purifying tablets, so the people have clean water
1,157,528 packets of oral rehydration salts to help save the lives of people suffering from dirraheal dehydration due to drinking contaminated water
186 handpumps to provide an entire community with safe drinking water
155 tons of high-protein porridge like mix to provide crucial nutrition in this time of emergency

If you didn’t comment to tell me, how much you donated, please do, I’ll keep checking back and add the amount to this! We included ontd_ai and ontd_startrek so if you know of any other ONTD communities with totals, let me know so I can add it in.

If you need to know where you can donate (c/p from the telethon post IF YOU HAVE OTHERS YOU WANT ME TO ADD I WILL):
Websites to donate:
Canadian? http://canadaforhaiti.com The Canadian government will match your donation
http://www.charitynavigator.org - you can see the legitimacy of the charities you're donating to
you can also buy a really sweet shirt or some art if you are in texas
if you get coffee it could help too!
http://www.aspca.org/news/help-the-animals-of-haiti.html - to help the animals!
http://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartsforHaiti - if you like etsy
http://www.redcrossblood.org/make-donation - DONATE BLOOD
http://www.wspa-international.org/ - for more animal lovers
for brazilian ontders
Urban Outfitters is having their employees buy their old playlist cds for a buck and they're donating all the money to the Red Cross for Haiti relief
how to get a tax deduction
huffington post haiti store

from youbeboy Also, if you have an iphone, there's this app called CauseWorld. Basically you just check-in to a nearby store via the app and you get ten karma points which you can donate to various organizations. The app is backed by sponsors, so the karma points are actually a small chunk of like $500,000 that the sponsors donated, but if you choose do donate your points to Haiti, they double the contribution. It could be ten cents, a dollar or ten dollars. I don't really know, but it seems legit and it's a free app, so it could be good.

and if you cant donate right now:

Call to Donate:
USA & Canada 1-877-99-HAITI
International +1 773 360 0205

Text to Donate:
USA: HAITI to 90999 = $10
Canada: REDCROSS to 30333 = $5

updates after each page! & sorry for the generic add statements but thank you all SO much for donating, and i wanted people to know that every little dollar does add up! i am going to comment ALL of you who donated after i get the total up because i know people really wanna know the final total

Source: my lj, mac calculator, and my ti-84 which i found AFTER i did 22 pages of addition.
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