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Up Next For Sigourney Weaver: Aging Stripper

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Sigourney Weaver is set to play a stripper in her next film. The ‘Avatar’ star has revealed she is set to sign up for a new project in which she will portray an exotic dancer dealing with getting older.

“There’s a project which sees me as an aging stripper. But I can’t say a lot about that one. It’s going to be a surprise! I’m also playing the leading role in a film by Nicholas Roeg.”

The actress has no issues with the role because she feels "sexier than ever". She added in an interview with Tele 5:

“I feel sexier than ever. I used to be really insecure. I hope I’ll live up to a 100 years. I never wanted to be like James Dean – die young and be famous afterwards.”
“I don’t try to look young at all costs. Why should you cast a 55 year old looking like a 35 year old, when you can cast a 35 year old to begin with? If you look like 55 and feel comfortable with it, you will get casted. My roles have become more interesting with time.”


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