Robert Downey Jr. Golden Globe Epicness


RDJ's Acceptance Speech (starts around 5:40)

Transcript of Speech---Nothing bolded because the entire thing is awesome!!

If you start playing violins, I will tear this joint apart.

First of all I would like to thank Susan Downey for telling me that Matt Damon was going to win so "don't bother to prepare a speech." That was at about 10AM.

I don't have anybody to thank. I'm sorry everyone's been so gratuitous, "It was a collaboration, we all did this together." Certainly not going to thank Warner Brothers. Alan Horn and, my God, Robinov, these guys--they needed me. Avatar was going to take us to the cleaners! If they didn't have me, we didn't have a shot, buddy. What am I gonna do? Thank Joel Silver, the guy's that's only restarted my career about 12 times since I began it 25 years ago?

I mean, I really don't want to thank my wife because I could be busing tables at the daily grill right now if not for her. Jesus, what a gig that'd be. Guy Ritchie had a great vision for this film, and a lot of great people came together and we worked our asses off... And it's just a privilege.

By the way, the Hollywood Foreign Press, there's a Holmes quote by Conan Doyle--who is a genius by the way--and he said, "Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms." That is why I would like to thank also, or not thank, the Hollywood Foreign Press, because they are a strange bunch, and now I'm one of them.

Take it easy!

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