From the Front Lines (Literally) Part 1.

Not only was I at the canceled Lady Gaga concert last night, but I also had first row center stage seats and meet and greet passes to meet her.

Behind the cut, I share the story of the evening and what went down before, during, and after. (Lot of Pics too. and Bold for lazy people)

My sister and I drove from Indy to Lafayette. (Although ppl had driven from Cinci, Chicago, Florida, even Texas.) When we arrived at the Holiday Inn, we went up in the elevator with her bus driver. It was sweeeet. He said he used to drive Garth Brooks and Shania Twain.

Lady Gaga's tour staff were in the same hotel as us!!

At 430 we went to the Hall and were taken to the MOST BORING pre-party I've ever been to (Well.. only. but you get the point).  For Lady Gaga fans, everyone was just sitting around whispering to themselves while eating some just okay appetizers. It was so quiet and boring.

But I did get my pic taken with a cute girl wearing a funny outfit. (I'm on the left.)

At 545, the Meet and Greet people (there was like, 15 or 20 of us) were taken back over to the hall and into the basement to meet her.  We were in some kind of band room for ochestra or something.

Then we were joined by radio contest winners (Another 20 ppl!! WTF. My mom paid 800 bucks for my sister and I to meet her. You effin cheaters... lol)

After about a half hour, they came in and said that because they were behind schedule, we'd have to meet her after the show.  So they made us go back up and find our seats. I was FRONT ROW CENTER STAGE. This is how close I was.

(NONE of the following pictures were zoomed.)

10 Min before the show was supposed to start, Semi Precious Weapons came out and started.  They were crazy and fun.  In between each song, the lead singer made us shout for Lady Gaga. He was like, I say LADY, you say GAGA!

He then decided to undress ON STAGE and change clothes.

Then, after grabbing a bottle of champagne with his face on it, he hopped into the crowd and started pouring drinks down girls throats.

What I wanna know is how he knew if any of the girls were 21 or not? Is that even legal?

They were super raunchy, but fun.  After playing like, 3 or 4 songs, they left. But Jason Derulo came on in LITERALLY like 5 min. It was like no time at all after they exited the stage.

His performance was very cool. He had some awesome dance moves and some killer vocals.  I have to admit, he was never really on my radar, but after seeing him last night, I'm def. downloading some of his songs.

Then after he left, the lights came on and this guy and a cop came out on stage.  I figured he was just gonna say some rules like, know where your exits are, please keep your hands to yourself, no throwing food on the stage, ect, ect.  He announced that Lady Gaga would not be able to perform due to sudden illness and that they have already rescheduled the show for tuesday the 26th. He told us to keep or ticket stubs for entry at the next date.  The crowd errupted with "BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!"  After they settled down, the guy was like, please evacuate the hall and have a wonderful evening.

People were shocked and stunned. EVERYONE and their effing brother was on their phone putting it on facebook or calling loved ones.  There were kids crying, some were yelling.  Some were tearing up their Lady Gaga merchandise. I heard this girl talking to her friends, "I hope she dies in the hospital tonight. She deserves it"

I was surprised a riot didn't break out. These college kids were pissed! And getting shittier by the minute.  But my surprise was soon changed. Right after I drove off, 3 different friends who were there txted me and told me that a riot broke out and these kids started beating on a tour bus and another group of kids attacked a random limo.  The police were called in to start taking kids away..

I honestly didn't care. I was shocked, but it's not like I'm not gonna see her. We STILL get to see her. Just at another time. Sure it's inconvenient, but it happens.  I mean hey, if the kid who payed 800 bucks for tix, and the gas, and the hotel room isn't complaining, neither should you.

I also snapped this pic of the seating chart. I circled where I was.

On my next post (Part 2) I'll hopefully have my picture with Lady Gaga and pics from the concert!

Happy Friday ONTD! :)

Source: Me of course.

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