Celebrity Real Dolls: The next step in sex toys or creepy & crossing the line?

I Want Celebrity Sex Dolls Now!
RealDolls is teaming up with the porn studio, Wicked, to create Wicked RealDolls -- "high-end" sex dolls based on "Wicked contract Girls," and the owner of Reeldolls, Matthew McMullen, has plans to release an entire line of dolls modeled after other adult entertainment industry professionals, but why not let anyone become a ReelDoll?

Not only could the common person leave their mark on the world by becoming a sex doll, this could also be a great source of revenue for washed up celebrities. Instead of appearing on bad Reality TV shows, actors like Kirstie Alley could release their own doll. Imagine banging Rebecca Howe or Kimmy Gibbler (18 year old Kimmy of course)! The possibilities are endless.

For around $6,000 a doll I want to hump more than an anonymous person or a porn star, I want to get it on with celebrities, and who says the celebrity even has agree to release a doll? Just make one that looks like Megan Fox and call it something cute like Megan Fucks or Megan Cox. Not only would ReelDolls stock go through the roof, but it would be great PR for Fox. Just imaging the headlines!: Megan Fox sues over sex doll!!!

Before my imagination starts to run wild (Urkel or Alf fuck toys anyone?) I just want McMullen to know that I'm fine with him stealing my genius idea. If you do, just send me my own customized Celebrity ReelDoll. E-mail me so I can tell you who I really want... It will be our little secret.

I didn't understand that these dolls could serve a purpose outside of sex until I watched the documentary Guys & Dolls. The men who purchase these dolls b/c they are unable to forge connections with women make me really sad and, in a way, I'm glad that they have a means of at least simulating intimacy.

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