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Danneel Harris denies being Jensen Ackles' beard; invites doubting gossip columnist to their wedding

Not a beard. Apparently.

For the last few months, E!Online The Awful Truth gossip columnist, Ted Casablanca has been increasingly vocal in his opinion of Supernatural costars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and their respective engagements. Although he's been hinting pretty heavily that the roommates/BFF's are very close and "might get all super and natural with each other" off camera, he's not providing anything more substantial than speculation and always stops just shy of anything that could land him in hot water.

However, in one of his recent posts responding to news of Jared Padalecki's recent engagement, Casablanca seems to have dropped any pretense at subtlety: "Jared Padalecki and his super-tight Supernatural bud, Jensen Ackles, will sooner marry each other than who they're currently rumored to be getting hitched to. If I'm wrong? I'll get (the Awful Truth staff writer) Taryn Ryder a date with Ryan Gosling."

Danneel Harris, Jensen's fiance and actress on the long-drawn-out CW drama, One Tree Hill tweeted back, saying "Hey Ted, tell Taryn to buy a new dress because its happening baby!"

Ted tweeted @taryder (staff writer, Taryn) is so excited ur actually getting married! U and Jensen doing newlywed reality show to prove me wrong?” to which Danneel replied “We've been building up our tolerance for liqueur and national scorn 4yrs in hopes that some1 would afford us this opportunity."

Back on his blog, Casablanca dedicated a post to the exchange, saying “Wow. As a jaded-ass gossip crank, I'm duly impressed. Not only does this babe have the balls to banter with some jerk who said her fake marriage would never happen, she's damn smart about sticking up for herself in the process! Maybe this wedding will materialize after all? I want an invite, Danneel! I promise to keep it all off-record and not to kiss the groom, deal?” He then asked if her One Tree Hill co-stars, Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols were likely to walk down the aisle any time soon.

Danneel’s tweet back: "Deal. S&A are a great team, always fun to be around. I'd be happy if they did."

Interestingly, Danneel seems to have deleted this last exchange from her Twitter (I saw it with my own two eyes before it disappeared), but unfortunately for her, Ted had already posted about it, quoting her, letting everyone know that he scored an invite and promising “not to kiss Jensen, at least not with tongue.” Since the exchange, Casablanca has remained fairly scathing about the engagements, stating that they will now probably go ahead, but are nothing more than exquisitely timed PR stunts. He later compared Jared and his fiancé, Genevieve Cortese to Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon, which if you’ve never read Ted Casablanca before is basically him saying he thinks they belong in a gay pride parade.

I wonder if he’s opinion might change if Danneel keeps her end of the deal and he gets to see the nuptials up close?

Edit: SORRY Y'ALL! Something really messed up is happening with my LJ-cut where it eats half the post. So, no lj-cut for you! You come back one year! Also randomly - not wanting to step on [info]stellawuzadiver's toes (their Blind Item LJ cut-text is the highligh of my ONTD week), but figured it'd be okay because their posts are about the Vices, not the named celebs.

Tags: engagement, jensen ackles, lgbtq / rights, supernatural (cw)

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