So we all know that Tila Tequila has done lost her damn mind. I had no idea how crazy she was until this whole Casey Johnson thing personally but I guess I just wasn't paying attention. So Tila has a new "gossip" blog, TilasHotSpot, that she's been using to bash every person that has had something to say about her since Casey's death. Well today I decided to check it out and found this gem of an entry:

Hmm....where should I begin? Well last night I was on Twitter and I was just tweeting about random things and somehow one Tweet into the next it lead me into writing a mini auto-biography through 7 hours of Tweeting!!!!!!! I originally had no plans whatsoever on sharing such a private, emotional, and personal life story to the whole world....but somehow, someway......it ended up that way.  Everyone who read it was moved to tears and today a lot of people kept asking me where they could find that story.  So I have gathered all of my tweets from last night about it and pasted it all in one blog for u to read.  This has not been edited so it may not read correctly in a story format.  These are just all the tweets I tweeted so that's how it'll read. In little spurts of statements.....therefor.....leading you into a glimpse of my sad childhood growing up.  With that said, everyone has been so captivated that I have actually started to write an entire book about it!   I know people want to hear what happens next....so let's just say this is an "INTRO" to "TILA TEQUILA'S AUTO-BIOGRAPHY"  It's very painful for me to open up and share this with the world, but I'm a strong Woman today so I think it's time the world hears my story.  Here we go (remember these are in tweets I just copy & pasted from my profile):


I went to the bathroom and all this blood came out & chunks my baby!Collapse ) 

Tila's blog
Tila's Twitter.

I have no idea if this is really Bijou but this made me laugh..and then feel bad. Because no matter how batshit Tila is I still find this to be childish and tasteless.

Bijou's Twitter?