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Repo! Opera Director Is "Not Happy" About Universal's Copycat Repo Men

The release of the organ repossession action flick Repo Men has some crying "copycat." Including Repo! The Opera director Darren Bousman, who claims the projects are way too similar.

Darren Bousman's addressed the similarities between Repo! and Repo Men on his

Okay, lets get this out - I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT REPO MEN! In fact, I am really let down. All it takes is one viewing of the trailer to see how similar our movies are. Come on, Organ Repossession? Cheesy commercials selling organs? An EVIL corporation? A bar code logo which is scanned by REPO MEN? A street drug - the corporation turning on their main REPO MAN - The mere name - REPO MEN?!? Yeah - all too familiar.

But that is the exact reason I want you to not bash this movie. Think about what that says for our little opera? We have a bunch of angry bitter fans, ready to spam message board, and preach hate... THAT is not what our REPO is about.

What I do want you to do is talk about REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA! Talk about what you love about it, talk about how it affected you. Talk about the friends you have made from it. Talk about experiences you have taken from being apart of the community!

I have not seen REPO MEN! But I can almost promise you - it will not STILL be in theaters ONE YEAR after it's release. I can almost PROMISE you people will not make road trips thousands of miles away to catch a screening of the movie. I can almost PROMISE you fans won't form bonds, have parties, and even have 'themed REPO MEN weddings. I can almost guarantee you people will not dress up as characters from REPO MEN for Halloween. All things REPO! The Genetic Opera accomplished in a mere six months after it's release.

The world is big enough for both of us to exist... So let us EXIST TOGETHER - and instead of talking how pissed and angry we are - just continue to show people why REPO! THE GENETIC OEPRA is important to you... To your friends... Talk... no SCREAM about why REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA is important - not why REPO MEN suck!

THE GENETIC OPERA has been around since the late 90's - starting as a small stage show - playing at rock clubs. And we will continue to be around until 2056!


Now, go have a Happy Holiday!


We're glad he's not being nasty and admitting that the best way to support Repo! is by getting the word out. Which is a refreshing change from the "boycott Repo Men" stance he could have taken.

But he is acting mighty surprised about a project he's known about for over three years - and which is based on a novel.

In fact, Repo! and Repo Men even shared post-production facilities, as we reported back in November 2007. Back then, Bousman wrote that he wasn't worried about the dueling Repo movies at all, as BloodyDisgusting pointed out. So why all the outrage now?

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