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hobo shows kstew a hobo-tastic good time

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EXCLUSIVE! Inside R-Patz and Kristen Stewart’s $10 New Year’s Eve Date!

Ciroc with Diddy? Veuve Cliquot with Lady Gaga? Not for the world’s most elusive couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! We have learned exclusively that the laid-back Twilight lovers brought in the new year at a dive bar called Winter Gardens in the tiny town of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.

Not ones to draw attention to themselves, our source tells us R-Patz, 23, and K-Stew, 19, were approachable and friendly, mixing with Ventnor locals and dancing 2009 away to the bar’s five guest deejays, who played a mix of everything from 80s rock, to modern punk.

“Rob and Kristen were totally normal,” the party-goer dished to exclusively. “They acted like regular people and blended in with the regulars.”

About 130 people, ranging from 20 to 40-years-old, attended the bash … which might go down in the books as the cheapest New Year’s Eve party of all time — the bar charged $5 at the door and about $1.50 a shot! “People could come out here and get drunk as a skunk for cheap,” long-time Winter Gardens Manager, Dave, told us. (Yes, in any currency.) “Everyone was so drunk, that even though we had the license to go all night, we had last call at 1:30 a.m.!”

Notorious for their wild parties, Dave was thankful these Brits (including RP and his honorary Brit babe, Kristen) stayed in control: “The deejays got paid. The bartender got paid. It was excellent. It was really no trouble at all, just a good time,” he raved.

How was it having two of the most famous celebrities in the world at his bar? “I cannot believe there were celebrities right here at Winter Gardens! Maybe we’ll be put back on the map!” the excited Ventnor local said, noting that Queen Elizabeth II made a visit in 1965.

We don’t know who’s more famous…R-Patz or the Queen!

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