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ONTD's Most Memorable Posts of 2009: Discussion/Nominations

Thanks to ecctv for the amazing graphic!

It's time again for everybody to give input on the most memorable, best, funniest, craziest, etc. posts from the year that just was.

If you missed last year's shenanigans, here are some relevant links:


Now that you have an idea of how things worked last year, please note that it MAY be a bit different this time around.

The purpose of this entry is for you all to discuss what posts you think should be considered. How you discuss this is up to you. You can post links to posts, you can ask for links, you can say "Does anyone remember..." or "Wasn't it so funny when...", you can pitch your own posts--this is basically an ON TOPIC free for all. DO NOT go OT, please.

In a day or two, I'll make a second entry. That entry will consist of a list of posts in the comments (one thread per post). I'll probably screen comments while I input everything, then unscreen them. What you'll do then--and this may change, but it's what I have in mind for now--is reply to any thread that contains a post you think should be considered for our Top 20. Depending on how many posts get a ton of "votes," the third post will either be the results (based on the number of responses to threads from the previous post) or a runoff/poll/whatever to break things down further.

Got it? Good.

Have fun!
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