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Chace Crawford's Glamour Photoshoot

Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl in Glamour Magazine.

Seems like everyone I know is getting a little hot and bothered about Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford these days. (Even Smitten’s own Shallon Lester has admitted to having, um, a little crush on the blue-eyed, baby-faced star.) And if you take a quick look at these pictures from our February issue, you’ll see why.
Since the show is on hiatus until March 8th, I thought you might need a little Chace GG fix to get you through the winter. Without further ado, here’s a little sneak peek at my interview with him—during which, for all you die-hard GG fans, he ate a burger and fries from Sonic. You know you love it—and him!

GLAMOUR: Is it hard to believe this is your life?
CHACE CRAWFORD: It’s incredible. No one had to twist my arm for this shoot!

GLAMOUR: Your costar Penn Badgley has said you’re one of the most positive guys he’s met. What’s your reputation on set?
CC: A diva. Just completely out of control. [Laughs.] Really, I’m pretty laid-back, always cracking jokes. Sometimes people will say something to me like, “You’re actually funny!” I’m like, “Thank you?”

GLAMOUR: Ha! So have you ever dated a girl as high-maintenance as Blair Waldorf?
CC: I’ve never even come close to meeting someone that high-maintenance!

GLAMOUR: Are you looking for a girlfriend?
CC: I’m 24 [and] in New York City, so I’m not exactly coming home every night plucking the violin strings. But when it happens, it happens.

GLAMOUR: Do you Twitter or Facebook?
CC: No. I even start to resent my phone because I’m on it so much.

GLAMOUR: Is it true that you were a parking valet in college?

CC: Yeah. But I never learned to drive stick before that. I said to my best friend, who got me the job, “Bro, you’ve got to take me out to a parking lot right now.” He goes, “What car?” I’m like,“Yours!”

GLAMOUR: In school you studied broadcast journalism; were you hoping to be the next Matt Lauer?
CC: No, although Matt Lauer would’ve been nice—or Anderson Cooper!

GLAMOUR: Did you do any acting growing up?
CC: I was really good at impersonating all my teachers.

GLAMOUR: Ever worry about what you’ll do if the show’s success fizzles out?
CC: Well, my grandparents tell me, “You have such a great apartment. We hope you can keep it!” “Yeah, me too, Granddad. Thanks.”

GLAMOUR: You’re going to be filming the remake of Footloose. Do you see Dancing With the Stars in your future?
CC: That’s what my mom asked! I hope not!

So ladies, what do you think? Did your crush increase tenfold? Surprised by his previous valet gig? Have you had any crazy “I don’t know what I’m doing” jobs before? Feel free to pour your heart about GG and CC—we’re all friends here after all.


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