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Sean Penn Returns to 'The Three Stooges' Movie

The retirement is over! Remember when Sean Penn left Hollywood and the remake of The Three Stooges to focus on his family? Only a few months later, the divorce was final, and now that it's the New Year, Sean Penn is looking to get back to work. The Boston Herald reports that he's back on to play Larry in the Farrelly Brothers remake, which is still going forward. "We got him back. He always said he wanted to do it after, you know, taking care of his family," says Bobby Farrelly

As the Herald writes, there were rumors that Penn would be replaced by Paul Giamatti, but that was a no-go and without stars, the film couldn't kick into gear for its August start date. Now the brothers are shooting Hail Pass with Owen Wilson next month, and then, presumably, will focus on The Stooges. ...if they get the rest of the cast in place.

Larry is good and set, and with Penn back on, Benicio Del Toro is still keen to play Moe. That leaves the one final -- and many would argue -- most important Stooge left ... Curly. Bobby Farrelly says Jim Carrey isn't interested, so who could it possibly be?

He retired? I missed that. He should totally call up Johnny, though. They're friends and he'd so do it.
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