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It's a slow celeb news day...

Last night WGN ran a mini-marathon of TCS reruns and one of the episodes shown was "Cliff Babysits," AKA "That One With the Michael Jackson Concert." As you may have guessed, while the rest of the family is out enjoying Michael's Bad show, Cliff (wait for it) babysits the kids, which more or less consists of him improvising while they sweetly drool on themselves and make cute facial expressions.

As usual, each child was played by a set of twins. The son, Nelson, was portrayed by Christopher and Clayton Griggs. The daughter, Winnie was played by Monique and Domonique Reynolds. After six episodes, the characters were aged up a little and replaced by toddlers, but we don't care about them.

So, what do they look like now? None of them act anymore, but some minor Google-fu brought me to one of their Facebook pages and, unsurprisingly, they're all friends.

Christopher (L) resides in North Carolina and Clayton (R) calls New York City home. According to their Facebook pages, Chris enjoys the guitar while Clayton is interested in fashion, graduating from art school in 2007. Everybody who feels old now, raise your hands. I couldn't find a picture of Clayton's entire face, but I assume it looks just like Christopher's.
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At first glance, HIMYM fan Domonique (L) seems a little more laid back than her sister Monique (R), who apparently wants to make sure you stop for a moment to recognize her "liteskin". Monique is set to graduate from William Paterson University of New Jersey this year.
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Don't like/care about these sitcom babies? Who are your favorites, ONTD?
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