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Jason Davis Leaves Rehab One Day After Tom Arnold's Intervention, Meets With "Lawyer"

One day after Tom Arnold staged an intervention Jason Davis left drug rehab, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Davis, apparently angered by the intervention, met with powerhouse Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred on Saturday in Malibu.

Arnold and Jason’s brother Alexander grabbed Jason from an apartment in Los Angeles and put him in rehab. They had the full support of Jason’s mother, who acknowledged in a statement to RadarOnline.com that Jason is an addict.

But things did not go smoothly. Jason is reportedly upset about the intervention even though his loved ones believe he will die if he does not get help.

RadarOnline.com spotted Jason with Allred on Saturday at a Malibu restaurant. When reached by RadarOnline.com, Allred refused to comment about any aspect of the situation.

Jason’s family had taken him to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an earlier attempt to get him help, and he checked himself out after only one day there also, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

Arnold and Alexander Davis encountered other people in the apartment when they went to take Jason to rehab, sources told RadarOnline.com. There is no indication that there was any violence and Arnold even called LAPD before he staged the intervention, one source told us.

Jason is the brother of Brandon Davis. And while he’s upset at having his lifestyle interrupted, his mother previously told RadarOnline.com: "My son Alexander and Tom Arnold went to help my son Jason, who is an addict, to help save his life."

Arnold won the battle against his addictions more than 20 years ago and devotes himself to helping others get clean.

I thought she only helped skanks who had a payday coming?

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