Wonderland Magazine talks to Matthew Goode, Aaron Johnson, Ben Whishaw and Nicholas Hoult

Wonderland Magazine (Nov/Dec 2009) talks to fabulous British people (It's called The British Talent Special) including some GQMFs like Matthew Goode, Nick Hoult, Ben Whishaw and Aaron Johnson.

Nick Hoult and Matthew Goode basically talk to each other about kissing and stripping in front of Colin Firth, being British, the X-Factor, Nick Hoult's beauty, getting spray tans together for the movie and loving Julianne Moore. Ben Whishaw talks about constantly having roles where he's twitchy and difficult, wearing wings and breasts for The Tempest and Aaron Johnson talks all about being John Lennon in Nowhere Boy.

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Matthew Goode + Nicholas Hoult
both of these guys are some of my favorite guys in the industry/actors ever and them together in a movie with all the interviews and photoshoots (because they are so GQ) is so amazing. The interview is tremendous and Matthew and Nick just pretty much ramble on and on (esp Matthew, who is fucking hilarious). They wear shiny pink and purple jackets and Matt talks about Nick's beauty A LOT.

Some priceless soundbites:
Matthew Goode - "They didn't review the film. It just said 'I saw it, I'm going to be reviewing it at some point, but let me tell you there were gasps over Nick Hoult's beauty!"

On Colin Firth:
MG- "Frankly Colin kisses like a nymphomaniac on death row, but it was a real pleasure!"
NH- "He's got a lot of love!"

MG: Sorry, mate. That's how pretty you are. I confused you with the female lead.
NH: He's seen all my work.


Ben Whishaw
The interview is really good because the interviewer really probes and focuses on Ben's acting, working with various directors and preparation for a role. Ben's definitely cut out to be one of the finest British actors in time to come.


Aaron Johnson
haven't read his interview yet but he looks really good in some of these pictures!



Baby Nick Hoult and Aaron Johnson tyfyt

Source: me and my scanner.