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Since it's a slow day

Jonas Brothers Headed to Splitsville?

Oh, our teenage hearts are shattering into a billion little long-haired pieces! With one brother married and the next planning on becoming the next king of pop, an impending Jonas Brothers split may be in store for 2010. But what about the children?!

Someone call tween 911 -- there is trouble with a capital 'T' in Jonasworld. "Joe sees the writing on the wall for the group," a family insider tells me. "Kevin's heart is just not in the group anymore. His wife Danielle is his number one priority, especially after their wedding night!" (Hubba, hubba!)

But before poor Danielle gets the Yoko Ono treatment, let's remember that there are plenty more talented Jonas kids floating around. Besides, isn't it really all about adorable Nick?

And therein lies the rub.

"Nick sees himself as the next Justin Timberlake and brother Joe knows it," a friend tells me. Nick already has a solo album out February 2 and a 14-city tour. Nick insists this is something that can definitely co-exist with the Jonas Brothers ... which reminds me of what Diana Ross told the Supremes!

Oh, how we love some good teen dreamboat drama in the morning! But seriously, best of luck to the Jonas boys, wherever they wind up.

I am disappoint that my first post is a Jonas Brothers post. But it is a slow day here on ONTD.

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