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Adult Film Company to Parody ‘Jersey Shore’

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MTV’s Jersey Shore has really made an impression. An adult film entertainment company announced its plan to film a porn parody based on the controversial reality show.

Writer/directors Spock Buckton and Brian Bangs of Zero Tolerance Entertainment are collaborating on the porn parody project
, Gawker reports.

It seems like it won’t be to difficult to spoof on the stars of Jersey Shore.

In the current issue of OK!, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dished on her boobs (they’re real), drinking at work, and looking for some guido lovin.

The pint size guidette also filled OK! in on her next step.

“I want a dating show, Snookin’ For Love. I want to find my prince. I’d have 27 guys: guidos and juice heads. That’d be heaven. Every time I’d pick a guy, I’d give them a pickle and we’d eat the pickles at the end.”

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