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Katy Perry's new henna tattoo

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Katy Perry got inked up in time for the New Year while on holiday with boyfriend Russell Brand in India.

The singer couldn't resist updating her Twitter account with a picture of her henna tattoo mid-inking.

The swirling design runs up her left palm and onto her forearm, twisting itself around her existing wrist tattoo that reads 'Jesus'.

Posting the picture Twitter, Katy wrote: "I'm typing this with one hand... Isn't it lovely? It's Henna! (sic)"

Katy and comedian Russell have been holidaying in India to celebrate purchasing their first home together.

She rang in the New Year by posting a message to her friends in the US: "Just so you guys in LA that are about to experience 2010... It's noon on Jan 1st here in the future, let me tell you 2010 is BUMPIN!"
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Tags: celebrity tattoos, katy perry

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