Who is Rosie's new girlfriend?

So I went on Rosie.com today as I do everyday and saw this Ask Ro comment...

Which made me remember the exact blog question that this woman spoke of.

So here she is. Her name is Tracy Kachtick-Anders and here she is with her SIX children. Five of them adopted and one of them (the youngest) biological.

She's an artist and foster and adoption advocate and creator of the non-profit Open Arms Campaign, a writer, a doula, the inventor of the Sleep Tight Wedge and a single mother to six children.

You can read an interview with her here. I'll warn you now that it's tl;dr but really interesting. This is the same article that she linked Rosie to on her blog when introducing herself. The link will also show you more pictures of her and her artwork.

And for those who are confused as to WTF is going on check out the post from yesterday..

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