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perez continues to be a moron- ontd gets a mention

James Cameron’s Avatar opened this weekend and narrowly missed setting the record for largest December debut of all time. The groundbreaking CGI epic made $77 million once the actual numbers were posted Monday afternoon, just $185,840 shy of the Will Smith starrer I Am Legend ($585M worldwide total).

Avatar also managed $232 million worldwide, the biggest global opening for a non-sequel in the history of cinema.

Not bad for a failure. Seeking new ways to grab attention, Perez Hilton blogged, “The most expensive movie ever made has FAILED at the box office,” citing an erroneous claim that the movie was made for $500 million.

He neglected to inform his readers of the record 3D and IMAX sales, which explains why some audiences may be waiting for a show that isn’t sold out with this premium technology. Not even a hint of its strong word of mouth that will easily carry the movie through January. Not to mention expert opinion, who believe the 20th Century Fox movie is destined to recoup and then some.

Of course, Hilton compares it to The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which put up impressive, record-breaking numbers last month before dropping like a rock the following weekend once the Twi-hards had received an eyeful of shirtlessness.

Hilton’s blog typically copies and pastes stories from others (like the jackals at OhNoTheyDidn’t) before providing punctuation-laden commentary that shaves IQ points from its readers. This time the gossip queen attempted original content and wound up looking more ridiculous than going out of the house looking like this.

I’ll tell you what’s disappointing. No scribbling on the Avatar poster in Perez’s box office coverage! No juvenile drawings of penises or childlike captions that scream “LOSER!” Maybe the mother of all Internet attention whores is slipping. I’m sure I’m telling you what you already know at this point, but Perez Hilton is a douche.

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i cant believe he did that rofl


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