Eminem is Shady Claus!


In honor of the holidays, Eminem is becoming Santa/Shady Claus. Okay, actually this a charity event. The controversial rapper is showing a rare softer side of himself and getting into the holiday spirit. He is offering fans the opportunity to purchase autographed pictures. These aren't just any pictures though. On Em's website, he has various pictures of himself as Santa with a person on his lap. Fans can upload their pictures into the spot on his lap and then order a print of the photo. Em will then sign the picture and send it out to the fan. Em is hosting this event up until President's Day. The proceeds from this event will go to Em's charity, The Marshall Mathers Foundation. The foundation is set up to support and help the development of disadvantaged youth. This makes for Eminem's second big charity event this year.

The first was his show of support for the out of work auto workers in Detroit. He took them to a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping and gave them a special secret concert as well. He said he was inspired to do that because; he felt like the importance of the auto industry to Detroit was getting overlooked and he didn't want that to happen. In addition to all the charity, Eminem was also crowned top selling artist of the decade and made iTunes 2009 year end album charts. So the rapper is closing out the year on a pretty great note.

If you are interested in learning more about the event or better yet are interested in buying a picture, go here. Don't forget that Eminem has new music out too, which fans can check out here. And please peep other Hip-Hop posts.

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