Celebrities react to Brittany Murphy's death

As word spread about Brittany Murphy's death on Sunday, reactions ranging from shock to sadness also began circulating.

Alicia Silverstone: "I always felt connected to her as we shared a very special experience in our lives together," Silverstone told PEOPLE on Sunday after Murphy's shocking death at age 32. "I feel love in my heart for her – and hope she is at peace. This is truly sad."

Donald Faison: "Brittany was one of the sweetest people you will ever meet," Faison said in a statement to MTV News regarding the actress, who co-starred with him in the 1995 hit "Clueless." "She had the voice of an angel and a genuine heart of gold. I'm very happy to have known and worked with such a special person. My heart goes out to all of her loved ones."

Jessica Simpson: "Brittany Murphy was an incredible ray of light to so many people. Her smile was contagious. My prayers are with her family and loved ones."

Ashton Kutcher: "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon. See you on the other side, kid."

Lindsay Lohan: "My deepest condolences go out to all of Brittany Murphy's loved ones& may she rest in peace....She was a great talent w/a beautiful soul xo"

Alyssa Milano: “Brittney Murphy and I did a USO Tour together in 2003. She was a sweet soul, with a lot of talent and heart."

Fred Durst: "RIP Brittany Murphy. What a sweet human being. My prayers are with her friends and family."

Soleil Moon Frye: "am beyond words by the loss of Brittany Murphy. I was so blessed to know your grace. My heart goes out to your mama+ loved ones."

Ann Curry: "NBCnews just confirmed actress Brittany Murphy died at 10:04am PT today. O man."

Eliza Dushku: "My heart aches having just learned of Brittany Murphy's death, we were friends time-to-time through the years. I always admired her pure spirit."

Kevin Smith: "Never met her, but sad to hear about Brittany Murphy. G'night, Ms. Murphy; hope you're rollin' with the homies someplace nice."

Kim Kardashian: "I am in shock that Britney Murphy has died! Clueless is my all time favorite movie. My prayers go out to her family & husband."

Juliette Lewis: "I am so sad about Brittany Murphy. Too young. She always seemed like she wanted to please everyone."

Paris Hilton: "So sad to hear about Brittany Murphy, such a tragedy. She was such a beautiful, funny and sweet girl. My heart goes out to her family."

Jamie Kennedy: "Britney they say died of cardiac arrest from anorexia. Jesus christ how long before we realize we r too hard on women in this biz?"

Josh Groban: "Hollywood loses another bright soul....how many more? A decade of decadence and devastation. Time to wake up."

Christian Kane: " Ive lost a true friend. She was beautiful inside & out. She taught me it was ok 2 B a little crazy. She was my sister. I'll miss u Brittany."

Peter Facinelli: "Brittany Murphy... U were Bold, Brave, and Beautiful. Thank you 4 being the free spirit u were, and always putting a smile on my face."

Elisha Cuthbert: "32 is no age to leave the world. My heart goes out to Brittany Murphy's family."

Mena Suvari: "I’m just so devastated now. Found out Brittany Murphy died earlier this morning & I’m shocked. We worked together & I knew her for years. She was an amazing person, an amazing actress & so full of life. I always admired her in so many ways. May you rest in peace…”

Rose McGowan: “Very depressed about Brittany Murphy... She was like champagne-sparkly & bubbly. Whenever I saw her, it was always laughter. Thankfully, her laugh will forever be preserved on film.”

Julie Benz: "Sending love and prayers... So sad to hear about Brittany Murphy."

John Stamos: "Drag losing Brittany - she was endearing, bright and talented - forever always young. Sad."

Rachel Leigh Cook: "I once told someone, 'Brittany Murphy was so nice to me that I'm worried she has me mixed up with someone else.' But thats just how she was."

Dakota Fanning: “My thoughts go out to her family & friends. I am just very grateful that I had the chance to work with her.”

Denise Richards: "Brittany Murphy was in Drop Dead Gorgeous with me and was the sweetest and most adorable. Tragic, sad & devastating. Her poor family."