Nah, it wasn't Brit-Brit.

But the story sounds awfully similar....

DANGER (contestant from Ray J of Love...the one with the tiger on her face, DUH!!!) ADMITTED TO PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL

Have you been following Danger on twitter?
I haven’t but I have been notified about her more than bizarre tweets on more than a few occasions.

TMZ is reporting that Danger (a contestant on For The Love of Ray J Season 1) spent a week in a psychiatric hospital recently after an incident involving her daughter. She was taken in on a 5150 Psychiatric hold because of issues she was dealing with as a result of postpartum depression. Her rep tells TMZ that her friends became concerned after she shaved her head following a fight with her baby’s father.

According to Baller Alert and other sources, Danger’s issues started around her birthday which is a day after Thanksgiving. Her baby’s father Gabriel came to pick up her baby but didn’t invite her to Thanksgiving dinner with his family which included his brother Nick Cannon and his wife Mariah. They didn’t want her there so Danger spent both the holiday and her birthday alone. On top of that, her brother was in a terrible car accident and is still hospitalized. Those things combined made her lose it. Shortly, afterwards she started tweeting about Mariah, suicide other crazy things before claiming that her account was hacked by someone on her team that she had recently fired.

Now for the folks that never watched the show, Ray J named her “Danger” because of the Tattoo on the side of her face. Later in the season she threatened to kill some of the girls in the house so she’s had quite a few issues before the pregnancy. I hope she gets some help for the sake of herself and her newborn. She also tweeted that she is pregnant again…