BRANGELINA EXPOSED AS FRAUDS --- Jolie likes to lick Pitt's asshole!!!!

Pot-puffing Pitt & paranoid Jolie on road to breakup amid loud & 'scary' fights

Hollywood's most glamorous couple is headed for Splitsville, according to a blockbuster book, "Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie" (Transit), out Tuesday. Author Ian Halperin, who spoke to 900 sources to build a "true picture" of the pair, talked exclusively to The Post about his most sensational findings.
It was 2004, just weeks before shooting was to begin on the action flick "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," when Angelina Jolie happened to visit the set of the hit show "Friends."
"Brad is so excited to be working with you," Jennifer Aniston told her husband's new co-star. "I hope you guys have a really good time."

They certainly did. Less than a year later, Brad Pitt and Jolie would pose for W magazine in a spread called "Domestic Bliss." Real-life romance soon followed, as modern Hollywood's most famous love triangle played out in the tabloids. Eventually, Pitt would leave Aniston and take up with Jolie, jetting to red carpets and orphanages around the world.

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It was the electrifying love-making that brought Brangelina together, says Halperin, who followed the couple for five years to prepare to write his book. "Brad had never had such incredible sex," Halperin says. "My sources say that they sometimes spent 18 to 20 hours a day in bed. But sex eventually wears off."
Now, Halperin claims, the couple "argues like cats and dogs -- everything from politics to clothes the kids wear and Brad's 'atrocious habit,' which includes pot smoking and alcohol."
"I talked to several people in Brad's family who wished they'd break up today. They're scared for Brad's safety and his well-being," he says.
A limo driver who drove Brangelina frequently witnessed them "going at it in the back seat" twice and saw a "U-turn" in their relationship in 2007.
"I was more worried about his safety than hers," the driver says. "She really flew off the handle, threatening him and lashing out at him. I can't imagine how anyone would want to be with her every day, no matter how sexy she is. She has a temper like a cobra."
A woman who worked with Pitt while he was filming "Troy" told Halperin: "They were definitely in love, but that's where it gets tricky. If you want to know if they're still together, the answer depends on when you ask the question.
"I've heard that they've broken up so many times it would make your head spin.
"There are apparently screaming matches, usually with her doing the screaming. Nobody really witnesses that part of it -- they just see him leaving in a huff. But then he ends up coming back again, and nobody knows what happened to bring him back."

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In other news, here is the link to the author’s interview about the book on the Howard Stern show.

Keeping track, this is what we now know.

1) Jolie and Pitt were definitely boinking while he was married.
2) Jolie licked Pitt's asshole which is why he dumped his wife.
3) Jolie definitely had incestuous relationship with her brother.
4) Jolie's children are cash cows because she consistently uses them to garner publicity and to make money off the tabloids.
5) Jolie had sex with her mother's boyfriend when she was 14
6) Aniston definitely wanted children because she had two miscarriages. One in 2003, and one in 2004.
7) Jolie was the person who planted and continues to plant stories about herself and negative about Aniston to make the press and Brangeloonies buy her new image. Jolie was the one who planted the stories that Aniston did not want to have children so that people (especially women) will not view her as a homewrecker.
8) When she decided to steal a married man, Pitt was (GASP!) her THIRD choice. She set her eyes on Clinton and Johnny Depp (like he would waste his time with a floozy like her)
9)Pitt is still a pothead and smokes pot around his children
10) Jolie is still on heroin because she is Fake-a-la ferocity, the still as yet unconfirmed BI by Ted Casablanca.
11) The kicker to it all is the fact that Jolie’s charity works are ALL DEFLECTIONS. Start to keep track. Everytime they have a movie coming out, they release a charity announcement while using the money that they made off their children to garner publicity. Everytime they have bad press, they (Jolie) spread the rumours and tidbits with something charitable as a DEFLECTION TOOL.
12) They have not stopped this book from being published, and they have not sued on the contents or the details of the book. What does that tell you??? It is mostly TRUE!!!

13) This book is only the beginning, there is a second book that will be published in the coming months from Andrew Morton that promises to blow the lid off their charade. Not to say that people who have been onto their PR tricks and gimmicks will be surprised in any way. It’s just the Brangeloonies and fools who buy into their bullshit that stand to be severely heartbroken