Swedish Pop Group "PLAY" Getting Back Together! (shaking & crying)

Remember "Us Against The World" and "I Must Not Chase The Boys"?
Five years after the group split, Anais, Faye, Rosie & new girl Sanne are re-forming their group!

On Friday November 26, 2009, Fanny (formerly known as Faye) and Anais appeared on the Swedish radio stations NRJ and RIXFM , along with another singer named Sanne. They then announced that, as a trio, they would return as "Play" in order to partake in the filming of a reality show similar to Janet's "Made in Sweden". With new member Sanne, Fanny and Anais will record a full album in only four weeks' time and will attempt to make an impact on the Swedish and American music markets. On November 27, 2009, Play (Fanny, Sanne, and Anais) made their first public appearance, alongside their longtime producer Andreas Carlsson in over 4 years since disbanding in 2005.