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Ron Livingston Straight, y'all.

Search Google for Ron Livingston, the man of Office Space (and Sex and the City) fame, and you’ll find IMDB links for information on his acting career. You’ll also come across a Wikipedia page on the movie and TV star, with inaccurate details on his personal life. And that’s the problem.

Since May, Livingston has continually fallen victim to an anonymous Wikipedia detractor who continually edits the entry to read that the actor is in a gay relationship.

Livingston, who is married to Rosemarie DeWitt, calls the rumor that he is in a relationship with Lee Dennison “malicious,” and to make the behavior stop he’s filed a lawsuit. The suit, filed yesterday with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeks unspecified damages for libel, invasion of privacy, and for using his name and likeness without permission.

According to TMZ, “Ron believes the perp also created fake Facebook profiles for himself and Lee, and both pages claim the two are “In a relationship” with each other.”

Details of the suit are minimal, but given that the online detractor is anonymous, the case would likely require Wikipedia to reveal the poster’s identity to move forward. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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