Tiger Woods Jokes: Racist?

George Lopez and Wanda Sykes Make the Same Exact Racist Joke about Tiger Woods

Note: The videos (there are two) don't embed -- so click the screen cap (or click here) to watch them.

George Lopez and Wanda Sykes are both minority comedians hosting new late night
shows. They both promised to bring something new to late night. Looks like all they're doing is recycling each other's tired, old, racist jokes.

Tiger Woods is half black and half Asian. Blacks are obviously criminals, and Asians obviously can't drive cars. Hearing just one late night host make this joke is one time too many.


Do you think the jokes crossed a line?

Edit: Looks like George Lopez didn't get enough satisfaction the first time; on last night's Grammy Nominations Concet, he made another unfunny Tiger joke. CLICK HERE to watch it.