Dita Von Teese interview for national Venezuelan magazine 'Estampas'

So yesterday, Sunday, I woke up and went to my kitchen for some pan de jamon, but to my surprise, I saw Dita Von Teese in the cover of 'Estampas', a magazine that comes out every sunday along with the newspaper, she did an interview with them while being in Brazil doing her burlesque show "Be Cointreauversial".

At midnight, when the coctails prepared with Countreau had already got the audience going, cabaret music started playing, the stage curtains opened and Dita Von Teese appeared on stage, dressed in a amazing orange dress, elaborated with Swarovski cristals, the queen of burlesque iniciate the show in a enormous cup of glass, in front of the high society of Sao Paul, that celebrate her first movements on stage.

"Be Cointreauversial" is the show that the american vedette has presented in various capitals of the world, to promote the alcoholic beverage Cointreau.

The promoters of the show, chose The Week, a gay and lesbian bar in Lapa Von Teese arrived at the bar before 11 pm, dressed in a black suit with cleavage, made by french designer Catherine Malandrino, she posed in front of cameras. Dita also had a "Cointreau Teese", a beverage made specially for her, with the liquor, apple juice and lemon, before disappearing backstage.

The previous days to her show, journalists from Bazil, Argentina and Venezuela (fuck yeah, venezuela!) were allowed to have 10 minute interviews with the burlesque star, the promoters from the event warned the journalists that she didn't want to talk about politics, religion, or her past relationship with rock star Marilyn Manson, whom she married in 2006 and divorced 13 months later

The encounter with Dita had place in the five star hotel L'Hotel. Dressed in a Jean Paul Gautier suit, the dancer answered with the serenity of a Geisha ( LOL SRSLY ESTAMPAS? SERENITY OF A GEISHA?) the questions of the journalists.

"It's the first time im in Brazil, and in Latinamerica. During the show I hope to find the crowd enthusiastic. Im very excited because I've never donde a performance here and I know you will all see a show you've never seen" she commented.

A friend of hers, Paulo Coelho, made a list of places for her to visit while in Sao Paulo. Her requirements in the hotel suite were minimal, she didn't ask for special curtains, a rumor made by people before she arrived, all she asked for was champagne, a limousine, and healthy food.

"When I became a spokesperson for Cointreau, I wanted to make a bigger show. I made them build a larger cup, and I got a new dress made, covered with 3000 Swarovski cristals, that reflect the color the bottle"Von Teese expressed that when she was a kid growing up in Rochester, Michigan, what she most wanted was a glamurous life, like the actresses in the 40s films had "The burlesque was a popular form of entertainment between the 1920's and 1950's. The stars of those shows, that included music and comedy, were strippers that made more splendid shows than the ones we see


For her, taking off her clothes isn't a big deal "When I do a striptease, I feel free. I know exactly what Im doing. I'd never say I feel like a goddess on stage, or that I want the crowd to have an orgasm. My intention is to express glamour. I want people to see how a striptease can be elegant, fun, and beautiful. I want to convince the audience that a striptease is a form of art" to her comparison to Betty Page, she says "She was never a burlesque artist. Even though Im a big fan, I think its a very dumb comparison. The only thing we have in common is the fetiche photographies and black hair. It's not fair to generalize"

About fashion, the diva that charges around 50.000 dollars per show, expresses " Fashion is a way to escape, to be who you want to be. I like how the clothes change the way I look and feel" her second book "Dita Striptease", a compilation of photos from her best shows, was just released About the rumors that indicate that she will make a movie soon, she says "Mata Hari is a wonderful script, but it's still a matter of finances, we still don't know if it's going to be made"

The artist, who recognized she doesn't know a lot about Venezuela, commented she'd like to present her show in Caracas (VENEZUELAN DITA FANS REJOICE) "I don't know a lot about the country, but since I was a kid I imagined that it has a lot of beautiful women (it does, example n.1, me) because Miss Venezuela was always a favorite of mine in the pageants"

Across the years, she has gained a lot of female fans "They are attracted by the message I bring, I'm not about supermodel beauty, but more about natural beauty. The girls with black hair and pale skin, who don't look fantastic in a bikini, can see in me someone that supporst them in their quest for a more alternative sensuality", to those that want to dedicate to burlesque, she says "You can play dressing up with elegance or make a striptease for your significant other. The essence of burlesque is about dressing up properly, enjoying glamour, and taking more time for yourselves".

Von Teese wants to be remembered as a big star "I want my name to be mentioned along the names of my idols, Gypsy Rose Lee, I've contributed to keep burlesque alive, without trying to make a lucrative version for the media, but a faithful,

real one, with a true history"

I apologize for grammar mistakes, I translated this from the magazine by myself

SOURCE: Estampas Magazine, me, and my camera. (BECAUSE MY SCANNER BROKE :( )