GOD FIRST!!!!! Then my marriage! ........ kids last.

The Real Housewives of Orange County's new diva, Alexis Bellino, is no stranger to drama. In fact, her war of words with former husband Jeff Barry makes for the nastiest Real Housewives divorce ever!

Newcomer Alexis and her first husband separated after just 15 months of marriage in 2003. And, as Star reveals exclusively in this week's issue, infidelity, boozy brawls, computer hacking, physical threats and missing money are all included in the back-and-forth charges contained in their divorce file.

“We had been college sweethearts in Missouri,” Jeff, sales engineer, tells Star. “I never dreamt back then that things between us could turn so ugly.”

Jeff says Alexis — who is now remarried with three young children — cheated on him and that she "can be an extremely mean, irrational drunk." Alexis accuses Jeff of “a terrifying computer invasion,” of hacking into her personal e-mail account, threatening her and taking $10,000 from their joint savings account to buy stock in his name only.

Jeff & Alexis' wedding photo. Jim & Alexis are at the top.

jim/alexis pic source: http://famespy.com/2009/07/15/meet-orange-countys-newest-housewife-alexis-bellino/alexis-bellino/