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Hailey Glassman Tells World Jon Gosselin Lied, Calls Him Ridiculous
He Tweeted that he was going to his "grandma's" for Thanksgiving but his girlfriend Hailey Glassman says he lied.
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"LOL-U are in Utah snowboarding w/"friends"-lol-ur redic," Hailey shot back.

So what is going on with these two, anyway? Are they on a "break," as Jon likes to say, or is it something far more permanent.

At least we know where Kate Gosselin really is -- at her home, with her kids, and best friends, the Steve Neild family.

NEW PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Spends Thanksgiving With Bodyguard Steve Neild & His Family

Kate Gosselin spent Thanksgiving with her eight children, plus bodyguard/best friend Steve Neild, his wife Ginaand their kids.
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This is Kate's first Thanksgiving in a decade without soon-to-be-ex husband Jon, and she's estranged from her brother Kevin Kreider who reconciled with Jon last month -- follow that? -- so who better to share turkey with than the Neilds? The festive dinner took place at the Gosselin's Wernersville, PA home.

Dunno where kate is though...