Nativity figures of 'Silvio Berlusconi's girls' sculpted

Photo: Infophoto/Photoshot

Figurines of Noemi Letizia, the teenage lingerie mode who calls the Italian prime minister 'Papi' or Daddy, will also be on sale next to more traditional nativity figures such as Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.

The nativity figures are produced by traditional craftsmen in Naples, who each festive season turn their hand to producing likenesses of politicians, actors and celebrities who have been in the public eye over the preceding year.
The craftsmen congregate in workshops around Via San Gregorio Armeno, in the heart of the southern port, Italy's third largest city.

Along with more conventional figurines such as the Three Wise Men, donkeys and cattle, the artisans are this year carving miniature figures of George Clooney, who is going out with an Italian actress; Michael Jackson, who died this year; and Mr Berlusconi's wife, Veronica Lario, 53, who is suing him for divorce over his alleged womanising.

Miss D'Addario, 42, is depicted with long blonde hair, knee-length boots and a short black dress with a plunging neckline.
A book written by the professional escort about the night she claims to have spent with Mr Berlusconi after a party at his mansion in Rome was published this week.

In it she describes in graphic detail how the 73-year-old prime minister, dressed in white silk pyjamas, kept her up until 8am with his vigorous love making and then offered her breakfast in between his official engagements.
Mr Berlusconi has said he cannot recall the prostitute but has not explicitly denied having sexual relations with her.

Miss Letizia, 18, is depicted smiling and wearing a blue miniskirt and a white Dolce and Gabbana top.
The prime minister's decision to drop in on her 18th birthday party at a discotheque near Naples earlier this year outraged his wife and set off months of lurid revelations about his private life.