YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'D: Demi Moore's Body Replaced By W Magazine

In a recent high profile row, Ralph Lauren took flack for blatant outrageous Photoshopping of models. But this has not reformed the industry. Instead, magazines like W have simply decided to jam more false images of how people look down our throats. After all, who is to stop them?

Check out what it appears to be 26 year old Anja Rubik's superimposed body... scratch that - her body was attached to Demi Moores for the sake of a better cover image. You have to wonder, did Demi even wear the same Balmain dress?

The model:

There has to be an extreme effort to put forth to take a woman that is 47 and make her look like a woman much younger. The answer may be beyond Photoshop, it could very well be full body replacement with the use of Photoshop. Representatives from W claim 'nothing unusual' was done but of course that means nothing because Photoshopping is standard practice in the industry. The blogsphere has gone nuts questioning if the photo is retouched. This writer asserts the photo is both retouched with other significant changes.