Twihard Mom Seeks Signed Panties from Taylor Lautner

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On last night's 'The Jay Leno Show,' 'New Moon' actor Taylor Lautner told Leno his most memorable fan encounter story, which involved a 40-something mother looking to have her panties signed with her embarrassed teenage daughter in tow. Classy! We're sure this story doesn't reflect on the Twihard mom's parenting skills in the least.

'We're at a signing, an autograph signing ... and there was a mother who was in her mid-40s and a little teenage daughter," the 17-year-old Lautner told Leno. "The mother skips on up ... and she goes, 'Excuse me, Taylor ... I'm wearing the Team Taylor panties right now. Is there any way I can take them off for you and just have you sign them quick?' And the daughter goes, 'Mom, come on!'"

"Our Twilight moms are passionate," Lautner said by way of explanation. Fortunately, according to Lautner, security was able to step in and put an end to the bizarre request.

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