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Dina Lohan TERRIFIED of ex-husband, claims he's DANGEROUS

Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina is so terrified of her ex-husband Michael, she has hired armed guards to protect her at all times.

Turbulence within the Lohan family was fuelled after patriarch Michael began leaking phone conversations with Lindsay and Dina he secretly recorded - and now the Lohan mum is worried her ex might turn their war of words into a violent physical confrontation.

Dina, who accused Michael of beating her before they separated for good in 2005, has even resorted to recruiting security to live with her family to ensure their safety.

And she insists the authorities are on her side, too.

She tells, "The D.A. (District Attorney) and the law enforcement are watching his (Michael) every action, and the family court, because he is also six months arrears in child support, which is through the support collection unit in New York.

"They've already taken his license, they're going to take his passport. The noose is getting tighter with law enforcement and we just have to keep his feet to the fire. Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, is obviously talking to the D.A. there and I speak with her on a regular basis.

"We're scared. I have security in my house. Actually, I've had security living in my house (since) he was first incarcerated for a year - armed people in my home because we were so frightened. He's dangerous and the scary part is, when this all unravels and his little plan doesn't work, we're afraid he's going to spiral out of control, which he obviously already is."

And Dina claims her eldest daughter isn't the only Lohan child whose life has been disturbed by Michael.

She adds, "He has no visitation (with any of his children). My daughter Aliana's phone was just blocked because he was threatening her on her cell phone. My son's up in college - he actually gave the tabloids my son's phone number at school, which is ridiculous. And my little guy is just 13 and he has to go to school every day and hear this."

Michael Lohan has been imprisoned three times - he was most recently put behind bars in 2000 after violating an order of protection banning his from seeing his four kids.

He claims his daughter is hooked on prescription pills and he is releasing taped phone conversations in an effort to force Lindsay into rehab.

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