~EXCLUSIVE~ Lindsay's assistant: "I'm trying to save her life"

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In another explosive recorded audio tape obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, Lindsay Lohan's assistant Jenni Muro reveals her fear that Lindsay was killing herself.

The taped phone call is between Jenni Muro and Michael Lohan. In it, Jenni angrily tells Michael her fears about Lindsay's fragile state and expresses her opinion about the destructiveness of Lindsay's then-romantic relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson.

"I am trying to save your daughter's life every day," Jenni tells Michael on the tape.

Showing the depths of her fear that Lindsay will harm herself, Jenni tells Michael that she wants to stop working for Lindsay "because I don't want it on my watch either."

Michael has publicly voiced his concerns for Lindsay's life, and says he is trying to get her to admit that she has a prescription drug problem and get help before it is too late.

In the 2008 call placed from Brooklyn to Michael Lohan's Long Island home, Muro also voices her disgust that she was forced to relocate to New York for Lindsay's role on Ugly Betty.

Muro says: "I get a 5% commission on this entire TV show and it's sick and disgusting and I'm here and I give up my boyfriend and my dog and my parents and my new place in LA and everything so that your daughter doesn't kill herself, ok?"

Jenni also tells Michael that Lindsay's relationship with Samantha Ronson was "unhealthy." She said that Lindsay's priorities were only Samantha, not work and not her family. She says Samantha was her "absolute addiction."

The Lohan family feud exploded publicly again last week, with Lindsay reacting to her father's actions by attacking him on her Twitter account.