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Jamie Brittain (writer of Skins) had a Q&A with fans on Twitter and these spoilers have all come out from it.

-JJ will have a love interest.

-The new characters have great importance.

-Naomi and Emily will not have a sex scene in the bathroom ... (yes, that was asked! Hahaha) but yes the girls will have a sex scene.

-JJ is the one who will have greater growth, in Jamie's opinion.

-The role of the character Laura is very important.

-There will be no talking in the first few minutes of the first episode.

-It is uncertain whether some of the characters that will be the 5th and 6th are in this season.

-Lots of nudity this season.

-JJ will continue to do magic.

-The friendship between Katie and JJ will be explored.

-Naomi and Emily have a lot of scenes together, as do Effy and Pandora.

-Naomi and Katie still do not get along. -Cook shows several sides this season.

-There will be plenty of parties.

-Cook becomes really good friends with Naomi and Emily. Sort of like Cassie / Chris in Season 2.

-There will be no trip of the characters out of the country, but that does not mean that they will not go out of Bristol.

-No one will split episodes. Meaning, each episode is about ONE characer only.

-We'll see Naomi's mother again, but the mother of the Pandora will not appear.

-We will have a scene of Emily being ''sexually pleased,'' you know ... by a toy or something.

-The girls' brother, James Fitch, will appear this season.

-The relationship between Tony and Effy will be mentioned.

-Pandora will be explored.

-Emily and Katie will not share an episode.

-Some of the characters get into fights.

-Freddie will have a major plot that does not necessarily involve Effy.

-Naomi will have a scene with Rob Fitch, father of twins.

-Naomi's sexuality will not be labeled this season.

-Currently, they are filming the last two episodes.

-And finally ... Jamie said that we will need tissues for the last episode.

There were a few more questions (yes, more!) That he did not respond and have to watch to figure it out if it will happen ..
- If Cook and Freddie kiss each other again.
- If Naomi's mother finds out about Emily.
- If the JJ and Katie will be more than friends.
- If you see the father of JJ.
- If Effy and Freddie will continue together.
- If the famous Gordon McPherson will appear.
- If Naomi tells Emily about kissing Cook.
- If anyone of the original cast will appear again.


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