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Big Ol' Heroes Spoilers

Who was let go???


So I watched this show its first season, loved it, and then never watched again. (My inner geek was satiated.) Still, Adrian Pasdar's forced exit is surprising unless flying is no longer considered a cool enough capability. More likely is that the show keeps suffering lousy ratings because it never recovered from being interrupted during the writers strike. (Poor Tim Kring was collateral damage as well as his Heroes sequel.) Here are all the superheroes who've been axed from the series since Day One: Season 1 -- Tawny Cypress, Santiago Cabrera; Season 2 -- Noah Gray-Cabey, Dana Davis, Kristen Bell, Leonard Roberts; Season 3 -- Dania Ramirez. Given the failure of NBC network primetime these days, and Jeff Zucker's zeal to save money on shows, I wonder if the 4th season Heroes cast now will be whittled down to just people who can lift a fork from their plate to their mouth in order to save CGI costs.

BOO, SHOW. YOU FAIL. This is why I don't watch anymore. ...Well, I turn around when Sylar's onscreen, but that's it.

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