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Gerard Butler on the cover of Men's Health UK + some new pics

Gerard Butler is Men’s Health Magazine December 2009 cover model and boy does he cover that mag well! Even though this is from an old photoshoot, it doesn’t take away from the libidinous Gerry.

In this issue he discusses why his “out-of-control” behavior helped him find his way as an actor.

“You have to understand that I was completely out of control. If I hadn’t been so lost and insane, I’d still be a lawyer. I said to myself, I’m aiming for the stars. I’ll worry about the details later.”

The 300 actor credits a stroke of luck with helping him achieve success, but insists he wouldn’t have made it if he didn’t work hard.

He explained: “The universe conspires. Once you decide to do something, the universe starts to help you. “There are a lot of people who are really talented, and I can see they’re not going to make it because they don’t work hard enough.”


Our poor boy gets really lost though when he is not filming. He has no idea how to do menial, everyday things. But if he needs some help, I’m willing to volunteer!

He said: “I get a bit lost for about a week. I think, ‘No one is bringing me lunch anymore – I’ve got to go do that myself?

You can check out the full article in Men’s Health Magazine-UK Edition for December 2009.


I'm hunting for scans as we speak type
And some recently released rehearsal pics from Saturday Night Live


And according to GQ Germany, via, Gerry will be honored as GQ's Man of the Year.

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