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NHLer, model in divorce court Montreal police

called to his home


When Sheldon Souray and Angelica Bridges married three years ago it was a glamorous union between a handsome future NHL all-star and a Playboy cover girl.

But that marriage is now in tatters, with Bridges, a former Baywatch television star, filing for divorce in August, three years to the day she married the onetime Team Canada player.

The soured relationship took an ugly turn Sunday morning when Montreal police went to the Canadiens' defenceman's apartment after getting a 911 call.

According to a source close to the Montreal police department, when two officers arrived to investigate, Bridges claimed she had been pushed against a stove and showed them marks on her arms, stomach and back.

However, no criminal complaint was filed and no charges were pressed, said a spokesperson for the police department, who declined to give further details.

After being contacted by the Star, Canadiens spokesperson Donald Beauchamp spoke to Souray, who was practising in Hull, Que., for tonight's game against the Ottawa Senators, asking him for a comment.

"Mr. Souray just explained to me that he doesn't discuss the details of his personal life,'' Beauchamp said.

According to the source, one of the Montreal police officers asked Bridges what she was doing in Souray's residence. Bridges said he had asked her to fly to Montreal to visit and possibly work things out, and had told her he was a "changed man.''

Bridges, 31, and the couple's daughter Valentina, 2, who had accompanied her mother on the trip, left the apartment escorted by the officers and flew back to Los Angeles.

Bridges' lawyer described the incident as "very traumatic and highly upsetting.''

"She called me essentially hysterical just after the incident," Lon Isaacson said from Los Angeles yesterday.

In an interview with the Star from Isaacson's office, Bridges confirmed that she showed Montreal police the injuries she said she suffered at Souray's residence and that she had come to Montreal at his request. She declined further comment.

Isaacson said Bridges did not press charges "out of concern and care" for Souray.

"I have great sympathy for both of them," the lawyer added. "This is a very rough, painful experience to go through. Let's hope both of them can weather this severe storm,'' the lawyer added.

A hearing is scheduled in Los Angeles tomorrow to deal with custody, visitation, child and spousal support issues between the couple.

Souray, a 6-foot-4, 227-pound blueliner from Elk Point, Alta., has three points in nine games so far this season. His career highlights include an all-star appearance in 2004 and playing for Team Canada at the world championship last spring.

Souray's agent Paul Theofanous declined comment yesterday on the weekend incident.

"His personal affairs are not mine,'' Theofanous said from New York.

But when Souray, now 29, and Bridges married, it was a well-publicized affair. Their wedding reception was at the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas and featured quirky fare like fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, which Bridges requested.

"She eats like 10 bears,'' Souray joked at the time. The two were introduced by one of Bridges' friends in New York.

"I thought, `This is too good to be true. He's 6-foot-4, gorgeous and drives a truck? Somebody pinch me!''' Bridges told InStyle magazine in a December 2002 interview.

i don't care what this article says. i say her career just isn't going places and she needs the media attention. i met sheldon alot of times and when i say he is one of the kindest human beings ON THE PLANET i'm not exaggerating. he's even reknown to be nice to the press, which can get hectic when you play for montreal. i love sheldon and I'M CALLING BULLSHIT ON HIS WIFE.

BEFORE ANYONE ASKS WHO SHELDON IS...JUST GOOGLE IT. Angelica was in Baywatch and now she's in a "band" called "tinseltown kitties" (kind of like the pussycat dolls).

p.s. sheldon is also extremely sexy the end.
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i was at school so my picture resources were extremely limited :P
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